Non-functional Product

Hello, I received 2 contact sensors and 1 motion detector today. one of the contact sensors is not functioning at all as in the red light does not flash when the pin is inserted and held in place. The other 2 products (contact and motion sensors) flash but are not connecting to the camera. The wyze cam itself is functioning just fine and connectivity is great. While trying to pair the products with the cam I’m quite close to my router and the cam so connectivity nor distance seem to be the issue. Looking forward to your assistance in resolving this issue or getting a refund. Thank you.

Is the bridge working correctly? Solid blue light on bridge on? Did you get a bridge also with your 2 contacts and a motion?

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Hey there Fygirl1,

Be sure to look at the Wyze Sense Troubleshooting Guide. Troubleshooting points 1 & 2.


Thank you for your response. Yes, the blue light on the bridge flashes when it attempts to connect to the sensor/contact. And is solid otherwise.