No yellow light with good power supply and cable

Hi. My 1 week old pan cam stopped working after about an hour. No I have no yellow light at all. Any suggestions? Already emailed support…

In the app restart it , if that don’t work unplug it and restart it

Thanks for the reply.

The app says to power cycle the camera (code -90). Unplugging and plugging in does nothing.

Plug the adapter in a different outlet

Different outlet, no change. And the power supply will charge my Galaxy S7

Check here

Unfortunately, since the unit will not power on, the suggestions won’t work.

Yeah, I was thinking it might not work, just trying to help .

I think that one camera is a piece of crap (defective) , they will give ya a new one , might get a hold of someone sooner by posting on Wyze Facebook page

Do you have a support ticket number?


Yes. I thought I would check here, as my ticket # email said "We are currently experiencing a high amount of email requests while we grow our team, please allow 2-5 business days for a response. "