No Y connection on control board. Help!

What did you tell it is connected to W1 and Y1?
If you turn the fan on manually in the app, does it run?
If not, and you have a multimeter, check for 24VAC between the G wire on the adapter and C with the fan running in the app

Just to confirm Wyze Tstat boot up? You can see temp reading etc. Firmware version etc

Wonder if a fuse is blown?

Speadie- The fan doesn’t run when I turn it on. The multimeter I bought doesn’t read anything when I test any of the wires. But I’m not sure I’m testing them in the right place. Can you show me on the pictures where I should test with the multimeter?

C7 - it turns on. If I turn on heat or cool the unit turns on and is running. There just is never any air coming out of the vents.

Multimeter should be on volts AC, test between G (on the C adapter wire that leads to the Green furnace wire) and G (really C) on the terminal strip on the C adapter.
You should have the fan set to on in the app when you check this.

Just to verify, your app does show a fan setting, correct?

It does have a fan setting. But whether I select on or auto it doesn’t sound like anything happens. Only when I select heat or cool does it turn on. When cool is running there is almost like a buzzing sound every few seconds like something isn’t starting.

Now the thermostat won’t even turn on.

If you go to the furnace and and disconnect the C adapter wires and carefully touch the red wire coming out of the furnace to the green wire coming out of the furnace does anything happen? The blower fan should kick on- if it doesn’t there’s a problem with either your transformer or your fan control , or you didn’t make a good crimp connection to the green fan connector when you re-crimped the wire.

If red+green …no fan
Then return to pre Wyze with old Tstat
If not, call in a technician.If red+green works, then connection issue.

I guess I fried the transformer and blower control board. They were replaced but will this happen again if I set it up like I did in the most recent pictures or do you think it was from how I connected it the first time?

Hey Wyze Guyz. We can finally put this behind us. The transformer and blower control board were replaced. And it’s working just fine.