No warning before taking money from my credit card

Once again, Wyze implements it’s draconian tactics in charging a credit card before, unlike all other subscription services, who warn the user of impending charges. Wouldn’t it be a better business practice to tell subscribers when a subscription is pending? It might even give us a chance to upgrade? No, too easy, you’d rather take the money and then make us jump through unending hoops to make changes.*

For whatever it’s worth, I receive notification several weeks in advance every year for my annual CamPlus Unlimited. Granted, that is a small sample size.

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I get notifications. Is it possible you have spam filtering turned on, or they are sending to an address you don’t use every day? This is what my email looks like:

I get countless emails from Wyze…no_reply, support, hello, all from Don’t know why spam would filter out a reminder.


We consistently send renewal emails for a better customer experience even though legally we do not have to in most states and our data internally shows we make more money when we don’t send renewal reminder emails.

Would rather delight you than ever trick you into something you never wanted.

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I did receive a recent notification on Cam Plus, but it was in my Junk Mail area. Maybe that is where they are

I have searched the spam folder for “Wyze” and have found nothing. As stated before, I have received emails from * for just about everything under the sun, but never a renewal warning.