No Video Playback

Today all of a sudden the majority of my camera video has no playback option, it’s like video wasn’t recorded and it’s only still picture. Anyone else seeing this issue?

If this is on events, there is another announcement that AWS was having an issue. Appears to be clear now.

Yes it is events recordings but I still can’t play many of them.

Yes. I have one of my V3 cameras (no SD card inserted) that will randomly not play videos. All I get a a still picture of the initial detection. The only way to correct it is to RESTART the camera. Then it will work for a half day to two days before it does it again. Camera Firmware is the app firmware is V2.26.21

I have been getting a lot of those still pictures here lately. I sent in a Log File. It’s happening on all my v3 cams with Cam Plus. :upside_down_face:

I submitted a couple logs as well. All of my V3 cameras are also on CamPlus but only the one camera does it. It is also the only one WITHOUT an SD card in it. Hmm…

All my v3 cams have sdcards in them. So, I’m thinking this is more on the server side than an issue with the cams. I’ve also seen others reporting the same issue.