No video events on sd card?

So let me get this straight before i return the 5 > cam3’s i just bought.

I cannot record video clips of events to an sd card without buying a subscription ?

is this right ?

yes or no


No, SD Card use is supposed to remain as is. The Events will be an image and not the 12 second Video.

However, you can still register for Cam Plus Lite at a name your price, get the 12 second video back and also have person detection.

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You can record event clips to the sd card or continuous record without a subscription.

The subscription refers to cloud recording, which are the events shown on the event tab in the app.

i face same issue. they say it could but it actually doesn’t record. the reply you get in the forum are mostly paid employees. their new fishy business plan is to force people to buy the CAM+. they will lose the US market soon.

99.8% of the people on the forum are other users.

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There is a bug that affected the outdoor cams and SD recordings and it is being worked on and a fix should be pushed soon.

There are only a handful of paid employees on the forum. Like @Antonius said, the vast majority are regular users. A large portion of the moderators aren’t paid wyze employees, they’re volunteers.

i guess you get what you pay for. i am returning them.

The V3 cameras WILL record to the SD cards. @towelkingdom was referring to the Outdoor Cameras and base station.

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outdoor does not record into SD card and base station. it force you to buy CAM+

I’ve had event recording for this V3 turned off since 9:OO AM, recording to the cam SD. Second picture is from a Battery powered WCO recording to an SD card using scheduled recording, event recording off.

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Another Battery WCO from today, Event (Cloud) recording off, set for motion, scheduled event recording to the cam SD

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Go here “recording type” and click on “Video” it goes straight for your wallet.

Those are for cloud recordings. If you want them for nothing follow this link:

Cloud recording has no effect on the SD card.


Mine record to SD. Are you sure you’re looking in the right place?

The sd recordings for the v3 cam can be found by clicking view playback on the live view or from the cloud event on the events tab.

The outdoor wireless camera sd card can be found (once the bug is fixed) in the album or I believe the view playback from the cloud recording.

Alternately, all SD recordings can be found by removing the sd card and using a computer/laptop etc.




thanks Bill. being able to sign up for “Cam Plus Lite” enables what i wanted. Now they might just get in my wallet down the road.

Glad that helps. Too many posts about this. I’m getting tired of having to post the same info over and over.