"no video at the selected time"

Hi, I have an SD card on continuous record but it just drops recording for an hour or two, even though it uploads movement to cloud! It has latest firmware etc. Is there anyway to see logs to see if it switches off etc? Photo attached.

Like @Loki would write - this is a user forum. You need to send that in to support.
Account–> Help& Feedback–>Report an issue. They can read the log files.

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Unfortunately, I believe the log file is enclosed in a password-protected .zip file, so you won’t be able to read it. Anyone know the password, let me know.

But if you want to play, the way you would get that log file is Go to Account → Feedback → Report an Issue. Fill out anything you want for the required blanks, and make sure Send Log Files is checked. Then click Submit. On the next page, change the To: block to your email address. Hit Send.

gemniii is right, you probably need to submit a support ticket on this one. Same process, just don’t change the To: address (or copy them when you do the above).

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Thanks for the help, just what I needed!