No thumbnails

I keep on receiving v3 camera notifications with no included thumbnails.

Happens when my phone is using my home wifi and when using cellular data.

This only happens to the cameras that are in a camera group.

I’m running app version V2.43.5 (313) on a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

I’m on wifi , I get all full bars of wifi , the camera has 2 bars of signal strength, and is running the FW version… This affects other cameras too. Very interesting :thinking:

I also get occasional push notifications without thumbnails. I haven’t bothered yet to run down which cams, when, why, etc.

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@Rulwiz , stop trying to make everything work, Wyze is tired   :weary:


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I am tired, but I have reported this to the team.




Starting to affect another v3 camera🤨

I’m still experiencing this issue constantly on all cameras both in a group and individual cameras set up in the app.

Any follow up to this @WyzeJasonJ

Since upgrading to Android 13, I have been experiencing a higher number of Smart Detection Event notifications without thumbnails as well.

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