No status led light showing on v3

I need some help please

I have this old v3 that bricked out on me 4 months ago that I was able to get replaced , but I’m in need of another v3 and I wanna see if this camera is able to be recovered by any chance

When connected to power , no status led light comes on . I can hear the camera shuttering like when it changes to night vision or colored night vision . If I put my ear up against it I can hear it making a buzz sound . When i click on set up , no voice will prompt up nor when pressing and holding down the set up button

I had 2 v3’s that bricked out on me , and I left them aside until recently when I thought I’d give it a try . One v3 was able to be recovered but that one was easy because immediately after powering it up the status led light quickly came on so I knew it was able to be set up . This one on the other hand , no status led light unfortunately

But both of them bricked out on me , and both had the same issue . When powered on, no status led light . But after a few months of being untouched , one was able to turn on the status led light and the other wasn’t.

Any and all help is appreciated . I would love to be able to recover this one as im in desperate need of another v3 and wanna save a few $30



First off, we need to address that NASTY POWER STRIP. WHAT IS THAT MONSTROSITY?!?

The cam probably killed itself after seeing that thing…

And your question:
Sounds like it’s very dead, but you could try flashing the firmware. Unlikely that will help though.

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This power strip has been at my work shop for like 7 years , it’s held it’s ground so that’s why we still have it lol . We tend to get pretty dirty at work , and the power strip is actually the cleanest things we have here :joy::joy:

That’s what I was thinking as well, bc the camera will make the flickering sound and I can head a buzz coming from it so it definitely is powering on . Not sure why it’s not showing an LED status light …

This camera got bricked after a FW update , so I will try flashing the camera but I don’t know how to ?

I would like to have this camera at my shop

If it bricked after a firmware update, it is likely NOT dead and should be recoverable. Firmware updates don’t kill hardware (unless you just have really bad timing).