No notifications with cam plus on Wyze Cam Pan

So I’ve got Cam Plus activated on my pan, but I’m not receiving any notifications. I’ve got notifications turned on but not sure what else I should be doing. E restarted the camera but that didn’t help.

Any suggestions?

Welcome back! Looks like you have the notifications enabled, but do you have events enabled? Are you getting events saved now? If there are no events, then there is nothing to notify you of, which is a different issue than just notifs not working. Do you get any notifications from any other Wyze device on your phone?

Yep, events turned on but no events are being recorded. Even if I walk out past the camera myself I don’t get any events or notifications. I am getting events and notifications from my other cameras.


Head on over to: No Alerts from All Devices - #55 by crimez

And complain with the rest of us

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