No notifications on Beta 2.25.11 (2) after restore on iPhone 13

Not sure how to resolve this one. I got an iPhone 13 Pro Max yesterday and restored everything from my old phone to the new. All my other apps give notifications except the Wyze beta app from Testflight. I’ve tried everything I can think of, restarting the phone, deleting the app (then restarting it), changing notification settings in and out of the app, changing the date/time around, everything and I can’t get notifications to fire. If I install the stock version of the app, boom, notifications but even though it’s the stock version of the app the header is “WyzeBeta”. No clue how to even start to troubleshoot or resolve this one, any ideas?

I just updated to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, restored to my new phone, running iOS 15 and the beta Wyze app. I have absolutely no notifications regardless of what settings I choose. I’ve verified my notifications are on for the Wyze app under iOS settings. Likewise have tried a bunch of conditions under the Wyze app and am getting nothing.

Going to roll back as you tried and see if that helps.

I now have my notifications back…

Im on an iPhone 12 Pro and mine aren’t working on the latest beta version not sure what to do to resolve it

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