No notifications on Android

I recently bought a Pixel 5 and flashed GrapheneOS on it to test a de-Googled OS. I haven’t received any notifications since installing the Wyze app. I have all notifications turned on for each device and the app and also system notifications, although it’s missing some options. Initially I was using the latest beta app then left beta to try the standard version.

Any ideas?

Any chance you have the notifications turned off on the WYZE App. At the bell on the top right of the Home Screen?

I accidentally hit it sometimes.

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Nope, it’s on

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Doing some reading, I’m wondering if the Wyze app relies on Google Services Framework (which is not installed) for push notifications.

Where are the other Wyze Notification channels besides the Notifications Manger?

You should be seeing WyzeMessage and General channels as well.

Without the WyzeMessage Channel, you have no incoming Push Notifications since that is the Android channel they are sent on.

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I only know this because I made some modifications to my VPN App that was blocking Google Services Framework and other Google system apps. I was getting no push notifications. When I unblocked them, the notifications resumed.


Thanks, that’s a bummer.

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That was it, thanks. After installing Google services frameworks, notifications are working now

That also explains why my X notifications weren’t working either.


Glad you found the solution! I also had other notifications and emails from Gmail that weren’t being notified.