No notifications from app until I open the app

I don’t receive app notifications if I don’t open the Wyze app.

So yesterday (October 30) I last opened the Wyze app around 10 AM EST, I went to sleep shortly after and when I woke up to check my notifications, I had only gotten app notifications from cameras and other devices until about 1 pm EST. I did not receive any notifications after that time

I had to open the Wyze app again to start receiving notifications again… This has been affecting me ever since I switched to Samsung from iPhone.

Any help here from my Android friends?


What phone type are you using?

Asking because on my Samsung phone, once I hit 24 notifications it stops until I clear the notifications. My understanding is that it is supposed to clear out the earliest notifications, but it does not seem to. My Pixel never stops notifying.

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Samsung Galaxy A54

And yes right when it hits 24 notifications , it stops notifying me. Like your pixel, on my iPhone , it never stop notifying me no matter what…


Yea, it is a limitation within Samsung and other vendors. Not much you will be able to do.

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here is an article about it:

android system notification limit per app - Stack Overflow

In here it also states this:

and here is a Samsung community post as well:

Notification amount limit - Samsung Members

So you can see this is not a Wyze issue, but rather a limitation on the Phone Vendors. The last link indicates if you root your phone and change the MAX_PACKAGE_NOTIFICATIONS, you can increase the amount.

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I don’t know how to do that.

I don’t root my phones, so not much help here.