No motor control option in my wyze cam pan settings

After I click the gear, then advanced settings, I do not have the motor control option at all on my screen

hello, the controls should be located under advanced settings, motor controls, there are rotate speed options and pan scan settings.

please advise if you are not seeing these options.


hello, what platform are you using (android/ios) and what version of the app.

if possible, can you please post a screen capture of what you are seeing under advanced settings.

thank you!

Device info on my app screen:


MAC: A4DA2230C287

Device model: Wyze Cam Pan

Network: (my network)

Installed firmware version:


I currently run it in bluestacks. (for android apps)

And no, I do not see the motor controls options at all on my app screen.

interesting. i am using android 4.4.x phone and see the motor control options.

bluestacks aside, do you see the motor control options when using an android phone.

please see 2 example pix from an android phone…



Kinda new to this stuff. I have my camera on my account on blue stacks and I share it to my gmail account so I can share it and see it on my phone. Thus on my phone I don’t get the “gear” option. Is there a way to delete that particular camera off one account and then add it to the one on my phone?

yes, under camera settings, you can select delete device at the bottom of the screen.

from there, you can add the camera to the account/email on your phone.

as concurrent logins are supported, you can log into the wyze app on both blue stacks and your phone, using the same account email. maintaining 2 separate accounts is not required.

this way, devices added using the phone will also appear in blue stacks, and devices added using blue stacks will also appear on your phone.