No motion/clearance notifications

I haven’t been receiving notifications for over a week.

When I go to the notifications settings it says that I have to enable push notifications to receive them but push notifications are enabled?!, this is what I see.

Any help here ? Thanks

Have you checked notification settings of each camera from the Home Page? I wonder if those settings got goofed up.

It’s not the camera notifications that are not working, it’s the motion sensor V2 that isn’t sending notifications


I just checked mine. Notification sent.

I do not have that warning dialog:

I am running Android 11, Current Beta App

Have you done the toggle off, clear cache, close, log out, login, toggle on shuffle?

Yes. Still not receiving notifications. Even deleted the app and still didn’t fix it.

I’m running the latest production app version

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I have the same problem as mentioned in separate post, but since there’s no solution in that thread, I’m not referencing it. Are you using Wyze Home Monitoring service? Did you receive sensor notification for about a month before it stopped?

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Yes , I have home monitoring active. And yes I did used to receive motion and clearance notifications from the motion sensor V2. about 2 weeks ago, the notifications stopped working…

I deleted the motion sensor and added it back as new, and it still showed the same pop up.

So I deleted it from the app and I added a brand new motion sensor V2 and I get the same pop up in notifications

Push notifications are on, anything else I should try @SlabSlayer

Gonna have to call support and report this bug :thinking:

Not sure about the bug part as I don’t know what app version you are running. This is most likely an App UI issue not updating with the server. If it’s not a bug in the Beta App, it likely is stale by now anyway. While the toggle shows as on, it is off in the server and the server isn’t registering the on command.

I experienced a similar “adjacent” issue in the Beta app recently that wasn’t so much a visible bug as it was the failure of the app settings to update the server.

Similar to your warning message saying you can’t get Device Notifications unless App Notifications are turned on (which they show are), I had one V3 that refused to allow me to turn on Motion Notifications and gave me the warning that I couldn’t enable them until I turned on Event Recording. When I went to the Event Recording settings, they showed as on. But, if I pressed the link in the warning, the app would hang for several seconds like it was stalling to go get the settings from the server, pop up the Event Recording settings, and they showed as off. Turning them on there did nothing. Even after doing cache clears, restarts, etc., It persisted.

What finally fixed it was toggling off all Event Recording settings and notification settings, clearing the cache, signing out, forcing stop, power cycling both cam and phone, then logging back in and redoing the Event Recording settings then the Notification settings.

After months of my V2 motion sensors not sending me anymore notifications, I finally started getting push notifications!!!

I had 1 V2 motion sensor on my desk and it detected me and notified me. I couldn’t believe it!!!

I tested my other V2 motion sensor and it also sent me a push notification!

I’m getting motion and clearance notifications. :slight_smile:

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