No more dancing around it. Can you fix audio issues with Wyze v3 cameras?

There is a thick plastic membrane in front of the microphone for weather resistance and if you are careful you can remove the microphone and pry that membrane out, reinstall the microphone and reassemble the camera and if you do all of that the audio still sucks. I have also tried installing different microphones and nothing worked, the audio on the V3 is just garbage, the audio on the newer V3s just sucks less.


It actually has to be plugged in first to the sd card slot :joy:

(I’m only joking to whoever sees this and thinks it really has to be lol.)

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I’m aware it’s physically in specific places. There’s connections that can be installed backwards. How do you explain the better audio in the back of the camera VS the front?


The microphone is soldered to a PC board and aligns directly to the hole for the microphone in case.

Where the Speaker has a short cable with a connector that plugs into socket.

But think whatever you want :rofl:

This is so annoying! I never knew this was a problem for so many. None of the 6 V3 cameras I own have any audio you could actually make out. I just assumed that all of these cameras suck in terms of hearing anything. Make me so mad that I bought these things, and I’m paying $20/yr for each one. :rage:


That being said, I’ll start researching better cameras, because I need them.


This might prove it’s an actual Wyze issue, with how the camera compresses or at least transmits the audio of even replacing the mic did not help. Seems definitely software and not hardware related based on your testing and Wyze almost has an obligation to fix and resolve this issue or at least acknowledge and address it for us. I’m sure just replacing cameras at their expense as we file tickets for this can’t be good for their bottom line, especially if they know that an issue exists… Software fixes and updates are free!

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Wyze will fix the audio issue after they add “Dark Mode” :rofl:

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…and right after they develop a proper landscape interface :slight_smile: