No live audio on shared cameras

Since about 3 weeks ago, live audio on shared cameras has disappeared.

This is not OS or phone specific and doesn’t happen on the main account, only on cameras shared with family members. Very annoying and also a security issue.

Have logged the problem with support but no solution forthcoming.

Anyone else have this issue?

What firmware are you using?
There was a recent beta firmware doing this, but the latest beta firmware resolved it for me, though I didn’t check shared accounts yet.


Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @zirk.jansen! :slight_smile:

Yes, I would be interested in hearing what firmware version you are using also (not ‘latest’, as there are latest Beta versions too).

I just tested this with one of my V3 cams using production firmware, and I get audio on the shared account.

At first I thought this might be implementing the following wishlist item, but apparently not?

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Yes same thing happening to me