No install option in the app

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Pls help. I uninstall the app as all of our camera are offline. so when I came back to install it again there is no option for installing.

it only says about having my other email add subscribed in wyze beta. but I cant find any wyze beta in my phone nor in my other email add.

pls help how can I install it again.

Your message does not make a lot of sense without the screen capture - which has shown as “uploading” for at least 15 minutes.


Try restarting your Phone, then go to the Android App Store (Google Play) and search for Wyze. Then install the app that shows for it.

If you are using a Chromebook, it will not be available as the App will not work on a Chromebook.

As @K6CCC indicated, screen shots will help immensely. If you can load your screen shot again so we can provide better support on this.

BTW: Did you reach out to Wyze before removing the app? Did you create a Ticket or Log File?