No image or video with Wyze app when overseas with slow connection?

Got my first Wyze V2 cam and really like it so far. I have one issue with it though. I travel outside of the US several times a month for business. Yesterday I was in Sweden. I have a T-Mobile Amplified plan with 256kb/s down when outside of the US. My Lorex and Foscam cameras work with no issues. Yes, the video stutters a lot, but at least I get an image with updates every few seconds. Yesterday I tried the Wyze app and got absolutely nothing. Not even a stuck image. App kept trying to connect but got stuck in the third step. It appeared I was able to change some settings, but I never got even a single image. Back in the hotel I connected the phone to Wifi, and the app was able to connect with no issues. I did try it with and without VPN and that made no difference. So my question is, is there an issue connecting internationally, or does the app refuse to show an image if the connection speed is too low? And if so, why? As I said, two different brands of cameras work fine, but not Wyze… Thanks for any input.

If we are on a slow connection we should still be able to get a snapshot or 2 of whats going on if anything.

I was just in Germany and only once I managed to get one still frame. Any other time, still nothing, trying to connect for minutes until I give up. My other cameras still work just fine with Tiny Cam Pro. Would love to know how to fix this issue.