"no events"

Been getting this notice several times when I go to check events,
Reboot phone, there’s lots of events,

Rather than rebooting have you tried refreshing the screen? Are you on Android or iOS? It should not make you refresh the screen but I have noticed this issue myself.

I was wondering about this too. I am on Android beta v2.12.3 and when opening the Event screen it does not refresh when it opens, I must pull down on the screen or touch the date number along the top to see the latest events.
It seems to me that should refresh automatically when the event page opens.
Would this be a bug or wish item?

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It’s definitely a bug.

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Agreed. Submit a log!

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log submitted 21925

Beta android app v2.12.3 installed on a Pixel 3a phone.
Pan Cam
V2 Cam.
2x plugs
1 Motion sensor
6 contact sensors