No events recorded after dark

I have four cams, three V3, and one pan,cam, all installed outdoors. All of them stop recording events when dusk turns to dark. No exceptions – – no event recording occurs overnight. However, they are set for continuous recording and if I feel like scrolling through hours and hours of Video, I can see what happened overnight but the event recording function is supposed to make all of that unnecessary. I keep checking back here from time to time and I see others with the same issue, but I never see resolution. I use iPad and iPhone to control and review what’s happening on the cameras. I don’t think this has been a permanent problem. In other words, there was a time – – maybe a year ago? – – When event recording overnight went just fine. Has anyone found a solution to this? Oh – – my firmware is always kept up-to-date.

Did you make any rules for your cameras?
Do you have event recording turned on and set for all motion events or smart detections.
Do you have night vision on, off or Auto?
Does your Wi-Fi turn off at night?

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No rules are set.
Event recording set for smart, detecting people and pets.
Night is set to Auto
If there are Wi-Fi issues at night, they certainly don’t manifest themselves on any other device on the premises. Recording is set to constant, so I think I would see gaps if recording stopped during the night. It’s just that it doesn’t capture events.

The V3 will keep recording to the SD card even if the Wi-Fi drops out.
What kind of area are you trying to record. a real dark area, partial lighting? have you tried to set the cam for “All Motion Events” for a night?

upload pictures of your settings for the camera… including the a picture of what it sees at night.