No Event Image for V3 Cam

I recently bought 4 new cameras to add to my setup, 3 of them are Cam v3 and one is a Cam Pro V3.

2 of the 3 Cam Pro V3s don’t give me an image when I have a motion event. It’s not just the thumbnail in the event list…when I click on the event the image that should be there is just the default stock photo (blurry photo of white room with white couch and table). The third that I set up this morning, and the pro, both seem to work fine.

I’ve cleared the cache on the app, and I have a similar issue on my other phone (though, it’s just a gray rectangle, not even the stock photo) so it’s not a local problem…seems to be cloud-side? One phone is Android and one is iPhone.

Ideas on how to fix this?

This is solved. I am done a firmware update on each camera when I set them up but found there were more to do. After updating the now all have event images.