No Daytime Video Event Recording

I have 2 Cam Pan cameras and they are no longer recording any video events during the daytime. They will only record video events at night and will only record sound events during the day. I have reset both cameras multiple times (including factory resets). They both have the newest firmware update ( and they are set for All Day recording with Event Recording is set to on. Today, I parked my car about 15 feet in front of one of the cameras, got out and walked up to my door which the camera is mounted above the door. It did not record anything at all. At night, they seem to be recording as I have several events saved.

I have adjusted the motion sensitivity to higher amounts on both cameras and they are still not recording during daylight. This is frustrating as I am missing everything that is happening around my residence.

The only other thing that has been changed on the cameras is I have set them to continuous recording. One is using an SD Card and the other is using the Wyze cloud storage service. Again, All Day recording is enabled and I have toggled every switch Off/On many times to no avail.

Please if anyone can advise on what needs to be done to resolve this.

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I do not have an answer for you, as my V3 cam pan is doing the same thing. I get a multitude of short recordings of moths, spiders and everything in between during night time, but getting it to record anything during the day is only a rare occasion. Even when I purposely trigger it. It functions Live with no problems. I think Wyze has a problem they don’t seem to be addressing.