No 12 second clips with sd card


Similar to others, I noticed that the one CAm with a SD card stopped recording events on the app a week (none on May 9) ago. The prior week it recorded lots of them.
I took out the card and it seems almost full, and the CAM recorded an event.
I checked the card and oddly it showed many photos thru 5/8 in the alarm folder, but none after. In contrast, the Record folder had none before 5/9 but one folder for each day after 5/8. IN turn, each folder had folders for each folder with one minute recordings each minute.
Will play with it, but my concern is the 12 sec Event recordings stopped.

Hi @mwisnev! Have you tried doing a format on the mSD card on a PC? I’ve done this a couple of times on one of my v2 cams and it fixed mine. How old is the mSD card?

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what type of sd card are you using?