Night Walker-Safety First

Can’t mis this walker: :grin:


I’ve obviously watched too much TWD, and stayed up too late (haven’t gone to sleep yet). When you said “walker” I was looking for Zombies!



I see those guys here in the daytime sleeping on the sidewalks or camped out around different parts of town. :rofl:


I see a lot of walkers at night carrying various lights. That guy is serious about it - but he does not have to tie up his hands carrying something. Good for him.

I seem to remember that you live in a cul-de-sac and the spotlight coming on makes sense.

I live on a long thru street and would only want the light to come on when someone came onto my property. Does the spotlight follow detection rules?

My Floodlight Pros follow detection rules, including the detection zone.

PIR floodlights don’t necessarily follow detection zones (kind of depends on the model/settings), but you can reduce their “distance” to a degree, but it’s not exact…it somewhat balances between distance and the size of the object in question. The bigger the object, the farther away it seems it will detect them.

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Thanks. Good to know if I ever mount the cam externally.

OMG, the Wyze FLPros are my favorite camera from any company. I love them so much!

I started with 1, loved it, got another, loved, it got another. They went on sale so I bought 3 more and just made my own junction boxes wired through extension cords to be able to mount them somewhere that didn’t have an existing junction box. :rofl: Now I have 6 of them and they are so cool! :heart:

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My lights are Dual LED Round Flood lights and the sensor has a large motion detection zone, Not a WYZE product.

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