Night Vision Setting On Without LEDs On

Yeah that makes sense

In general, the sensor of any camera capable of night mode needs to match the wavelength of the IR LEDs. Wyzecam uses 850 nm, which are near-infrared. They are not laser diodes, so there is a narrow gaussian range around 850 nm for these LEDs. Also, the human eye can have some limited sensitivity beyond the normal quoted 700 nm for the upper end of visible light.

That all said, some IR LEDs are not visible. The sensor would have to match the LED wavelengths.
So they’d have to get a new camera with new LEDs and sensor.

Alternatively, the filter on the front of the camera could be changed to block the more visible wavelengths, although this could also impact the IR light output, as it is generally not possible to pick specific wavelengths… it’s material dependent.

Well this is not bad at all , way way better than it was before, I did not cover The sensor or The microphone _



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Yes, please add this feature asap.

The IR illuminator attracts flying bugs constantly when using the cam outdoors at night. I have to wade through a 100 short clips every morning to see if anything of significance happened.
I’d like to buy an external IR light to illuminate the scene but it doesn’t make sense when I can’t turn the camera’s IR light off while still keeping night vision on.

Totally agree. Flying insects make the motion feature of the camera totally unusable except in the dead of winter in the South. Turning the camera’s IR off and using an external IR lamp of the correct wavelength would seem to be a solution, but no way to turn the camera’s IR off.

I think you can just cover the lower small circle to reduce the amount of night leaking through that hole. Rick mentioned that hole is dummy and serves no function.

Yeah I did cover that Circle , I just did not cover the mic .
I might try and do a better job but I can live with what I got It’s not bad

I am all for night vision without LEDs on but, But As far as the bug alerts are concerned , keep in mind these cameras Are not authorized for, made for or intended to be used outside

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Hopefully Wyze will implement this feature very very soon. Don’t know what things they have to test. It should be easy and we have already tested it out for them :slight_smile:


I purchased two matte black cameras on Black Friday and have them facing outdoors through a double paned window. Two small pieces of electrical tape on either side of the camera lens and a 40W incandescent bulb outside. The night view is stunning. I will purchase 25W bulbs tomorrow to replace the incandescent bulbs since the IR coming from the 40W bulbs is very bright.

I’m shocked how simple this workaround was.


I’m amazed that you managed to take the glare out with just Electrical tape.
Me among other people have tried it and it didn’t work With that type of tape .
Looks like you have the camera angled down and not touching the window is that correct ?

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It turns out Auto Night Mode still works even though I double taped with " Tesa Wire Loom Harness Tape" on 4 sides of the lens. And I don’t need to manually toggle the LEDs on or off.


You are correct. It was the camera angle. Shooting from above was not the best angle so I had to reposition, which is when I noticed the light was shining through.

Well, light can’t travel through metal, so I replaced the electrical tape with metal flashing tape and it now works as I expected.


Any idea if IR LED OFF is on the developers radar for addition to the UI?

It is definitely on the radar (as evidenced by the “researching” tag on this topic) and it has quite a few votes. I don’t know, however, when it might get implemented.

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Definitely would be delighted if option to turn off IR lights but still use night vision available.
Registered just to enter this request

How was the image after you taped with the Tesa Wire Loom Harness tape?

Please show how you taped exactly

Yi cameras are a nightmare.

I’m laughing at anyone who would use Yi cameras - a Chinese company obviously… so here is their “updated privacy policy”… It clearly states that they collect information (including browsing history, passwords, etc) and can KEEP that info on THEIR servers. It also states they can SHARE IT with third parties. :rofl: SO IF BUY ANOTHER CAMERA, CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Second, the reviews on Amazon are horrible. only half give 5 stars:

Just had an idea whilst replying to another roadmap request.

USE MOTION-DETECTION LIGHTS instead of the IR of a camera. D’oh! The wyze cameras will instantly snap on when the lights come on. And the picture will be much better than the IR illumination.

Good quality solar lighting is out there now. Or you can change an existing fixture to motion-detection. Seriously in light of this… having night vision without LED’s being on is a total waste of time.

Can we down-vote a topic? :slight_smile:

  • Downvote this as a waste of resources, in light of using motion-detection security lights outside to trigger WYZE alerts?
  • No, keep wasting resources on how to shut off IR LED’s when people can just use smart-lights outdoors…which give better pictures and detection capability…

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You should turn off the lights then. It’s way more energy efficient, and generates a lot less HEAT inside the camera…