Night Vision Mode ineffective

I have (6) of the Wayze Cam Pan V3 and also (4) of the Wyze Cam V3 cameras.
All firmware is up to date.
All cameras have the same issue but at different times.
All Camera settings are: Settings/Advanced/Night Vison Mode/Auto and I get a colored view however…

At night the view is in black and white…understandable as there is no light.

During the day however, WITH NATURAL LIGHT OR LAMPS TURNED ON, I ONLY GET BLACK AND WHITE and can only get a colored view if I turn the Night Vision mode off then back to auto!!!

Not all cameras give the same result on a consistent basis.

Can this be addressed in an upcoming firmware update?

It would also be nice if future firmware updates could also include the ability to block out objects or areas like the “Blink” camera software does to prevent monitoring constant movement i.e. like a bush or tree with heavy foliage swaying due to winds.

There are different firmware branches that all say up to date. Please state your actual firmware version or app version where applicable so we know exactly where you are. You may also be on a paused firmware update and bit actually be on the latest version.

Have you contacted Support on this? This is a user community and all bug reports, which appears to be what your describing, where something isn’t working as intended, should be made. I am curious though, what are your night vision conditions set to? Can you post screen shots of the lighting levels that your experiencing this issue with is?

You are describing the detection zone settings, which is a current function in the camera right now.