Night vision is black

When I Switch tonight vision the recording area is just a black screen. Unless a light is turned on the camera cannot capture anything moving in the night because it’s black. I bought this to be able to check on my elderly parent if needed during the night and I can’t see anything it’s pitch black. Any ideas thank you

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  1. Do you have the IR illuminators turned on? Note that the ability to separately control the IR illumination is in a beta version only (I think). In the dark, it’s fairly easy to see the IR illumination when looking at the front of the camera.
  2. Is the camera locked into daytime mode (which would prevent it from switching to night mode when the room gets dark)? A clue would be if the camera image is in color when the lights are on, it is operating in daytime mode.

Thank you. I will the camera for your suggestions. Thanks again!!