Night Recording

I have 8 cameras and none of them record at night. The night setting is set to auto.Camera status light is on. The IR light is on.The event recording is set to detect motion.Firmware is all up to date.

The night setting is for control of the IR light, not recording to SD card.

For that, you need to go “Device Settings” → “Advanced Settings” → “Local Storage”

If by “record at night” you mean recording to the cloud (not SD card) go to “Device Settings” → “Event Recording”

Thanks but “Local recording to Micro SD card” is on. That’s what I want to record onto not the cloud.

Is the ‘Local Recording’ set to Motion Only or Continuous?

Motion Only

Then it should only record if there is motion, I am guessing there is no motion

Oh yea there was. Some street person tore a bunch of garbage bags apart right outside the window the camera is and left a big mess and it didn`t record them.

I know seeing motion through a window at times is tricky for the camera based on locationand if you have the IR lights on or off

How do you check that there are no SD clips? Do you touch, “View Playback”?

Is the camera behind a glass, looking out? If so, the IR light is probably the problem.