Night picture difference

Why are the images from the 2 outside cams so different?
Cams and all settings are identical

The IR lights for the shed have something to reflect off of, the driveway cam may be to far away for the IR light to reflect off of the car, except the front license plate. You can check by walking out in front of the car and see if all red IR Lights come on when you move in front of the cam. I think there are 8 light bulbs, 4 lights with 2 bulbs each.


Thanks, I checked and there are 8 red lights on the front but they sell to not always turn on when the cam is active at night, resulting in very bad pictures

As @Antonius mentioned, there are so many variables here. You might point them at the same object at the same distance, like a chair where you just passed behind it in the background. That would make things more even at least.