Night Light shining up in my face

is there any way to set the night light to shine downward only ? the upward light negates much of the usefulness of the night light, making it much harder to see where the downward light is shining, this should be configurable or switchable

you can put black electrical tape over the light source and only have it shine down. Or put a cover over the top

yes, thanks, that’s obvious, but if the top could be turned off it would double the time between charges which is always desirable in a battery powered device

My lights were very bright in the bedroom when I got up at night. I made a couple of changes that have helped dramatically.

  1. I placed painter’s tape over the top and bottom light. It’s thin enough to let light through and gives it a softer tone (I used blue - also tried green). It’s much less harsh now.

  2. I mounted them vertically so that the lights shine sideways instead of up/down. Far less light in your face.