Next-gen Wyze Cam (v5) Ideas

I think this is an amazing idea. Think about how awesome it would be to be able to pan not just live video but also recorded video as well !!! that would be great. Many other companies are starting to design 360 panoramic cameras already as it really is going to be the way of the future. All cameras will become 360 panoramic at some point. It would be cool if wyze jumped ahead of their competitors in this field.

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Wyze Cam v5 Ideas

I’ll start … open access to API


That would be great.

They did make a LITTLE bit of progress toward this in the last year. They released documentation on obtaining an official API Key:

That is fantastic progress, but it would be nice to have more user friendly API open documentation so it’s easier for people to actually implement some things. BUT I don’t want to downplay my gratitude for at least launching an official Public API Key. Lots of companies don’t even do that. Let’s just take step 2 this year. :slight_smile:


16mp camera development with g drive storage ; network storage

Can we see some more innovation on the camera power for instance 16mp or 30mp camera from samsung or xaomi phones being utilized with 4k and 8k resolution on the v5 camera as well as the abilities to merge with cloud storage , network storage over the wyze wifi router or the user choice for instance google drive

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Regarding Camera Base for cam v4 and cam v3

I would like the camera base to come with TWO screws holes and not just one in order to secure the camera better on the wall. Other companies already have two holes such as Ring. Thanks

  1. Camera that is motorized. Direction up, down, left, right.
  2. 2k and 4k
    4k to the memory card and the users hard drive by wifi and or bluetooth.
    2k to the server.
  3. Better resolution. AI can sharpen the image as seen on some cameras now.
  4. Bluetooth connection for setup so I do not have to remove the camera from where it is setup.
  5. Better mount for window. Need a bookshelf support with suction pads on all 4 points.
  6. Record timelapse with timed interval.
  7. Contrast and brightness controls. Right now scenes can be washed out.
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We already have motorized cameras. The WyzeCam Pan is in its third generation.

2k and 4k motorize camera needed. I have the 1k version.

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Modular Cameras and accessories

I would like to see modular cameras in the following ways:


  1. All cameras share a base plate that handles all data and charging
  2. USB Type C connector
  3. Camera Module in 3 different resolutions:
    a. 1080p
    b. 2K
    c. 4K
    d. IR (Infrared)
    e. LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)

Movement Types:

  1. Static
  2. Panoramic

Powered Modes:

  1. Modular battery connected via pogo pins on the underside of the base plate
  2. Solar Power that can connect through the modular battery or directly to the base plate.
  3. Standard Power connected directly to the base plate.

Camera Lenses (all lenses are attachable to all cameras with exemption of LIDAR):

  1. No lense for 1x
  2. 3x
  3. 6x
  4. 12x

Additional Accessories (All of which can function with all options above)

  1. Spotlight Connection Plate
  2. External Siren Connection Plate
  3. External Storage Connection Plate
  4. Multi Camera Connection Plate
  5. Extended Range Antenna
  6. Programmable Connector Plate (allowing the community to create cool new ways to use there wyze cameras in ways never seen before)

Wow. Only two people voted? Me and someone else.

Some good ideas presented.

Get out there and vote for all the effort you went through.

It used to have more but it gets reset sometimes when a new version is released.

If you look toward the top, since comments go back to 2020, long before a V4 even existed. People gave suggestions for a v4 And some of those ideas were never fulfilled, so they’re still valid, so now the mods moved those toward a new thread for V5 suggestions.

This is the kind of wishlist thread that is more of a perpetual collection of ideas and suggestions and will never get “wishes granted” status because some ideas won’t happen and Will continue to be valid ideas for the next generation after this .Whenever the v5 launches, I expect the mods will change this to say “v6” ideas, and so on. So, it looks like the votes are low right now because they recently got reset after the V4 was launched.


Thanks. That now makes sense.

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I like all of your wishes but unfortunately
It will take Wyze 20 years to implement 1 wish. Maybe if your lucky a V20 cam will contain that wish. They are pretty slow implementing new tech changes as they are spending most of their time fixing bugs on existing products. I have two b3 cams and have nothing bug issues ever since I purchased them 2-3 years ago. When they do work they are great, but that’s a rarety. Problems are not at my end as I have very good router strength. I pay nothing for the service as the 12 sec event and 32 gig card is
All I need for good security playback. The issue are as said, they are not dependable
Security cameras as there is way too much down time with Wyze constantly fixing bugs.
The worst part is that I have spent so much time when cams are down thinking it’s an issue on my side only to find out it’s always a Wyze issue. Their communication is horrible as they try to cover up and not let you know when it’s their issue. Sorry about long reply and these comments may not be listed on correct reply thread but lets be honest facts are facts.
There is absolutely no reason a product like the. V3 cams which have been on market
For many years have so many bug issues.
This is why Wyze has now started concentrating fixing existing product issues instead of coming up with new products. This is why Wyze has taken many many years to finally make a profit.
It’s all internal Wyze issues and not camera issues. They use to have a good reputation at the beginning but over time they have lost business and customer confidence. Like I said I like your wishes but not reality. Only good dreams.

Funny enough a majority of these wishes exist in a meriad of wyze products. Fuzing the existing technologies may take a few years 2-3 but waiting until v20 is an overstatement. I’m personally setting a goal for wyze to fuse existing product lines technologies and have prototypes sent out to beta testers by 3 years years from today. If not I’ll leave the wyze community and switch to using blue iris or making my own system utilities COTS (Commercial off the shelf) parts to create my own envision. Considering the amazing folks at wyze are really well experienced, have developed and can easily impliment these wishes don’t let me beat you to it.

Ha ha
You took me seriously. Really.

Was kidding with V20 . But you clearly get the message. Its going to be a long time and way more than 3 years for them to be on top of their competitors (- Tp Link and others )There are many products out there
That already have a lot of these wishes built into their devices. Wyze is lagging behind and playing catch up. They don’t have funds to implement to new tecnology At a quick rate like other large companies. Thats why as said by others they will never catch with implementing the wishes. They will release new tech built into new V cam versions but will always be lagging. I’m sure you can build your own with new tech way b4 Wyze can offer it to the public. Hopefully Wyze surprises us and makes great advances on their cam products.

I’m not sure why I’m “watching” this thread. The likeliest ideas to get implemented will have to do with selling their subscription service and selling our supposedly anonymized data to… everyone, but mostly scammers and party members.

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Yes indeed…

  • PoE/Wired Ethernet, or at least an official adapter
  • RTSP or some sort of way to tap into the stream ourselves. We bought the camera, it’s on our network, we should be able to view the stream without it going to the internet and back through Wyze’s servers. We’re told we ‘need’ to charge for the subscription services because of server costs, but implemeting things to reduce server costs seems to not be a priority at all. Not even a priority, but the removal of RTSP in even a beta firmware format for power users seems particularly hostile to the customer.
  • Integrate the SD card recorded events into the ‘detected events’ page in the app instead of having it in it’s own area. Again, if I click an event and it’s recorded locally, why would you waste the bandwidth by skipping that local recording and streaming it back to me from Wyze servers over the internet? Don’t double the bandwidth usage and then complain about server costs.