Newly Installed Cams will not SHOW on Alexa Screens...why? Previous Cams are OK

Hi All.
I installed 2 cams in November that work seamlessly when I tell Alexa to show them…however, just bought 4 more cams and while they connect and show on my devices in Alexa they will not SHOW…she just says “hmmmm, the camera isn’t responding” for all the NEW cameras…why? Anyone else have some cams that work and others that do not? They are V2. I have uninstalled and resinstalled and only the 2 original cameras from November are able to be called and viewed properly. All are on same network as well. All work seamlessly on the WYZE app. STUMPED. I’m thinking a manufacturing issue?


I’m having this same issue. Camera that I’ve had for a few months works great. The camera I just bought and installed yesterday doesn’t work with my Echo Show.

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huh, I’m thinking there is a manufacturing issue here…

Me too. Waiting on response from Dev team. This seems to be a known issue and developing fast. I do not know why this is happening. If they are all on same firmware how can it be the firmware? I think a batch of cameras are faulty. One of them shows cloudy night vision. I placed two right next to each other and same thing. One is clear the other cloudy, day time is not effected. I can live with this I want to USE Alexa.

Exactly. Alexa is why most people probably purchase these cameras. Connectivity is key. All of mine are on the same firmware version…so it SEEMS HIGHLY LIKELY, a MANUFACTURING issue…I am hoping they get it solved soon and fix the cameras we have that are not functioning correctly.

Same issue here. I have 4 cameras all working for a few months. I purchased two new ones and neither works on the Fire Tablet 8. All cams have same SW and looks like the same HW as well. I need to know if this is a defective batch.

I can not access cams as well fire tablet and spot hope this is resolved soon. This was one of the key reason for purchase. PLEASE WORK OUT BUGS!

HI all. The ISSUE of the new cameras not loading has been FIXED…I can now load all cameras… I switched to the lowest setting of 360, then all cameras would load. I then changed all the cameras to SD and they still all load correctly. Not sure if that is how to fix it or if they fixed it in a roll out…but all are working perfectly. Good luck to ya’ll.

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Mine is also working. Seems like it was a server issue between Wyze and Amazon.

That worked for me, thanks!