Newbie Setup Issue

I am trying to have motion activated photos sent. Manually doing a recording or taking a photo both work and the results appear in the album. Motion, however, produces neither. The is no green box displayed when I walk through the Motion Detection Zone. Event Recroding - Detects Motion is On. Send Notifications - On; Motion - On. Motion Detection Sensitivity - 91. Record Sound - Off. Am I missing something in the setup.

iPhone IOS 12.4

I forgot to add, I set the Wyze app on my iPhone in Settings to Read and Write.

It sounds like your settings are correct. But Motion Events only generate a Video not a picture. The videos should show up in the Events tab of the app.

Are you not seeing any videos on the events tab?

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I don’t see an Events tab. I have an Event Recording tab under the gear icon.

The Events tab is accessed at the bottom of the screen.


@drwgm, in order to see the “green box” around motion, you need to turn on “motion tagging”, which can be found under “more” (lower right hand corner once connected to a camera and seeing live view).

In order to download videos (stored in the cloud), you either go to “events” - which is on the start page on the app (no need to be connected to any camera), second icon from the left - OR if you want to download videos stored locally on the SD card, you have to connect to camera, and click the BIG green button at the botton of the screen “View Playback”. But that only works if you have a SD card in camera.


Found the events tab and all my detected motion video was there. Thanks.


Is there a location where there is a good user manual for the camera that discusses how all its features are discussed?

Should read “features are used”

The Wyze Support Pages pages are a good place to start.


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