Newbie questions on set up

Got introduced to the need of cameras in my 1+1 condo so wanted to clarify a few things before purchasing:

  1. What is the distance range of the cam or the Pan Cam…I think I have spot to put the camera to face the front door, and the distance is about 25-30 feet. Is that too long for the cam to take a clear pic of whomever is breaking in?
  2. have a 1+1 design of condo and a entirely separate bedroom that is not in the line of sight for the cam I mentioned in #1, do people think I need a small cam there too? Or will the motion sensor there suffice to trigger alert (and to film since the thief needs to come in via front anyways)
  3. if I do need a second cam, I read the power to the main cam can supply that too so it doesn’t need to be plugged in separately (and necessitating another long wire)?


Welcome! Let me see if I can shed some light on your questions.

  1. These cameras have a fairly wide field of view of 110 degrees and are 1080p resolution. At 25-30 feet, you may not get a great face shot, but should have a good picture of clothing, body type, etc. Also, 25-30 feet is the max I’d say of the IR lights on the camera.
  2. The “motion sensing” of the camera is actally the camera detecting “pixel change”, which is people moving, but also changes to lights turning on, fast moving clouds, tree branches moving, etc. The choice to get another camera is yours based on what your needs are, do you want a camera casually recording a room? Or do you want to "fort knox"ify your place and capture movement anywhere? Back to the first question, these cameras have a fairly wide field of view and cam capture a room easyly if placed in the corner.
  3. The cameras can be Daisy chained, but there are limitations. Best bet imo is to plug the second camera into a different outlet. If you really rwally want to Daisy chain, you can and may run into problems if you use a long USB cable or want to use IR on both cameras or not.

Thank you…Is the Pan Cam better than the regular cam in terms of the distance issue I mentioned, or the same?
Is the motion sensor linked to cam in the sense that if it senses motion it activates camera to start filming?

In my opinion, I’d stick with only V2s because they are less expensive, smaller, less problematic. For me, I’d rather have better camera coverage with more V2s than have one that I can control and spin. For you, I’d recommend researching both to underatand what they do and are capable of do decide which suits your needs. Both the V2 and pancam can either record events only to SD card and/or cloud, and continuously record to the SD card.


Adding on to what @Omgitstony said about daisy chaining. Daisy chaining a Pan is not a good idea due to its power requirements, and the fact the power cable and/or ports could get damaged from the Pan’s circular movements. :slight_smile:

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circling back…a few weeks later and still loving my 2 cams and sensors. The cam sits on my work desk like a webcam so very inconspicuous…Just wish it is alexa compatible so I can simply add to my going out routine on it instead of always forgetting to turn on until I get to office