Newbie iPad keeps crashing

We just installed our pan yesterday to replace our baby monitor. I noticed 1) there’s a huge lag in the stream at least ten seconds from when either someone enters the room and is detected on the camera. It’s not a seamless live stream the stream gets interrupted and then suddenly someone is in the room. And the app keeps closing itself after a few hours. This doesn’t seem right given all the rave reviews I read while researching. What are we doing wrong? Also, when I simply tried to send a message to tech support it wouldn’t send the message. Just kept going to the same screen where you’d type to submit the message.

The rave reviews are no doubt the “value for the money”. These cameras SO exceed there. But they are still a work in progress.

The lag is probably unavoidable. It takes time to compress, send, and uncompress. The lower your devices and router are, the worse it will be.

I see you are on iOS. I have the same problem with a crashing app. The best thing you can do here is submit a ticket as soon as possible after the crash via the app: Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. You can check the box to include log files here. The app log will be added automatically. You can optionally add any firmware logs, if you think they may be related.

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Wow. Exactly the same situation for me. Replacing a buggy baby cam/app with this and having app crashes. Using an iPad 4 and it probably crashes after about 3hrs of live cam view. Following this with interest.