New Wyze Sense as a Standalone Hub and Sensor System

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Yeah it’s very annoying. I like to take apart Wyze products and make them better suit my needs. They refuse to sell me a hub without a subscription. Most people don’t need monitoring. I have it on one of my hubs but I’m not going to pay for a subscription on a hub I’m going to dismantle to see how it works.

Motion Sensor that turns Bulb on quickly, without subscription.

A sensor that turns on a wyse bulb when motion is detected, without subscription.

I’ve got one right now, works great. :slight_smile:

I have an old V1 motion sensor outside over my front door (a V2 motion sensor will work too) that is connected to the V2 Hub, and it lights a Wyze signal light before the person approaching the door can get to the doorbell. Fast.

My sensor is shielded from seeing the street using a porch overhang, and angled a bit to keep it from picking up neighbor activities. But as soon as it sees a heat source in my driveway (car or person), it lights the signal light.

Last I looked if you buy the Hub you still have to buy the HMS subscription – but just buy the 1-month version using a Wyze web site, and you can cancel it and get a refund after the purchase. As others have explained here, the Hub works fine without a subscription. I am using it that way now.


Bring back sensors v1 for our old cams. Mine went out and would like to replace sensors. I don’t need a subscription service as I only use to turn on lights and for notifications. We invested in those in the beginning and feel jilted when they went out. I don’t care if they quit after battery dies as long as I can buy more. This is the only reason I don’t buy your new items because I can’t trust you will back up if they quit.

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V1 sensors are no longer produced and have been replaced by V2. As you know, V2 sensors require the use of the HMS hub. Wyze plans to eventually offer the HMS hub as a standalone product, but I don’t know the expected timeframe. For now, you can purchase the hub with a one month subscription to HMS and then cancel the subscription. You can even request a refund for the subscription. Without an HMS subscription, the hub will work with the V2 sensors per your needs.


And will also work with any remaining V1 sensors. :slight_smile:


@Newshound, Did I understand your comment correctly, please? V1 sensors work with the HMS hub?
I guess that means, they are bound/linked to the HMS hub versus the V1 Bridge on the back of a V2 cam?

Yes, the new V2 Hub works with both V1 and V2 Sense sensors.

So the user can either leave the V1 Bridge in place and add any new V2 sensors to the Hub, or retire the V1 Bridge and bind the old V1 sensors to the V2 Hub.

I am using old V1 sensors on my Hub now, and no HMS subscription is required to do so. :slight_smile:


I would recommend ditching the V1 hub and connecting the V1 sensors to the V2 hub. In my experience, they work more reliably that way.


I just want the Hub

I love my wyze devices. I need a few motion detectors but I don’t need the entire startup kit. Can I just order a hub and a couple motion sensors?

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Possibly, but you’d still need to signup for a one month HMS subscription to get them. You can buy the kit at places like Home Depot, but at a much higher cost.

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I understand that Wyze eventually plans to make the hub available as a stand alone product but for now is reserving inventory for HMS subscriptions to make sure that it is always available for HMS. So for now, you will need to order HMS on a monthly basis and then cancel if you don’t want to continue the service.


Please tell me someone reads that. It has been repeated over and over. :neutral_face:


I understand you are in business to make money, but don’t do it at the expense of existing customers. The HMS is important, but when a long term customer needs to upgrade their hub, we shouldn’t have to wait. Perhaps wyze needs to review their stock levels and adjust accordingly.
Got me to accomplish what I need for my existing infrastructure I don’t want to buy a full kit. This is not good customer service.

@loki (and I) are just fellow users like yourself. :slight_smile:


WYZE Sense V1 with its own Standalone Hub

  1. Make a new version of the Waze Sense V1 with a ac plug hub like the Hub for the door locks and they would sell like hot cakes. That would strengthen the Smart Home users and self monitor for those who want that, while paid Home Monitoring for those who what someone else to do it. So the next release for money is not another Cam but Sensors and motion Sensors with a dedicated hub.
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I agree. They love coming out with new products, especially OG stuff. So bring back the V1 sense. Love them. I have a few that still work. I have a box of 4 hidden away for when these fail and fall back to the new ones.

I’d pay double what the V1s were to get them again.

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