New Wyze Pan Cameras refuse to record anything - won't track motion

This is what worked for me… all of our pan cams are now working properly. I hope this helps you all.

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Thanks. Will give that a try soon.

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This thread should not be marked as {Solved}, rather (well we found a work around and will fix it).

I took “solved” off the title.

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Seriously, I’d send it back for a refund. Sending both mine back for full refunds. Way too much of a headache. If you aren’t a techie like me, you won’t understand all this downgrade stuff. Every time there is a firmware upgrade, this happens. Nothing has worked for me! I’m buying a different brand. Heard there is much better stuff out there.

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There are much better cameras out there - these things are toys really - not serious security cameras, but for the money worth it.

Yes it’s a pain that you have to first find the old firmware, then follow instructions to put it on an SD card. But fortunately, when it downgrades, it keeps your settings.

Wyze really really needs to implement an app based downgrade procedure (since their firmware is way too shaky and unreliable) so users can just click downgrade and not have to do side loading stuff.

Here’s where you can vote for that:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

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Yeah they really should address this. Cheap doesn’t mean we didn’t pay. In fact the price has gone up on the Wyze Pan. I was pretty stunned!

I found the old firmware some time back, tried to zip it and it wouldn’t even zip so I have no idea what’s going on. I stopped fooling around with it because I was afraid I’d mess something up. Come here and ask questions and you’re treated as if you should know all this techie stuff.

But trust me, this happens every single time when they upgrade their firmware. One time my camera was spinning and spinning out of control and I didn’t know what was going on. Looked it up and you guessed it…firmware upgrade causing the problems! That was one of many upgrade issues and I can’t take it anymore.

Currently waiting on my new camera, but Wyze is going back. I’m done. Hey good luck. I hope it works out. Maybe they’ll have the issue resolved by the end of the day or something!


The price at Wyze has remained the same, just because you choose to deal with other vendors doesn’t mean the basic price has changed.

I’ve been through I think 3 firmware changes with the Pan and I have not had problems.

Good for you! Give yourself a pat on the back! I unfortunately haven’t had a smooth experience. Initially everything was fine…for a couple of weeks. From that point on, nothing but problem after problem.

I shop on Amazon and the price has increased. Yes there are those of us who do shop third parties, in fact it’s quite common! And if a third party hikes their prices, I’m definitely gonna mention it regardless if the manufacturer keeps their prices the same.


It seems like The Team’s first move should be to pull the firmware upgrade, so every new customer’s first experience isn’t having bricked Cam Pans they’ve just paid for that do nothing at all. Followed by hours or days of tedious experimentation and helplessly wondering what the problem is. This is nuts, and of course very frustrating. I don’t have a MicroSD card and have no easy way to downgrade the firmware, which in any event isn’t really something consumers should be asked, even implicitly, to do for you.

So why on earth are you still bricking new devices with a corrupted or buggy firmware upgrade? I can’t imagine there’s much percentage in doing that for you, either.


Then you’re not having the experience of the average new purchaser.


^This. I have purchased 6 Wyze cams over the last year - V2 pans and static cameras. Purchased a new pan last week and having same issues as others here. If not for the other cameras being great so far I would have returned this one immediately and never looked back. I will try the process but will not, and SHOULD not, be expected, as the end user, to ‘roll back’ firmware updates and fight with the system to get it to work properly. Still relatively satisfied with other Wyze cams, but now, I’m twitchy. Time will tell.

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Thanks for that ^

Agreed. I dont have a computer at home. I use a kindle and an i pad. i cant set up an sd card to fix this mess.
I bought 1 to try because i heard good things.
I think i am done with this junk if there is not a fix in place by Wednesday. Ill just send it back and buy something else.
I would rather spend 10 times the money and have a product that actually works.

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We’re sorry, folks. We’re working on this as a top priority and we’ll have a fix out for it as soon as we can. We know that this is frustrating and we hate that this was the first experience that some of you had with your Wyze Cam Pans.

I’ve been working on collecting logs for the team so that we can diagnose and resolve the problem with the .50 firmware. Yes, the firmware flash does help but we agree that this should not be an expectation and we’re working on a fix so that people won’t have to do that to restore functionality.

The dev side would like to know if this problem persists if you increase the motion sensitivity. They also would like to know if you are still receiving videos on your microSD cards if you are using event recording instead of continuous recording.

If you’re up for it, please send in logs through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue if you have the opportunity. The more data we have, the faster we’ll be able to fix this. We appreciate your help and we’re super sorry about this.


My pan camera is now spinning and spinning again. I pulled the plug. It’s a paper weight at this point. Wyze cams are toys. Nothing more.

Sorry to hear this! If you would like to troubleshoot it, we’d be happy to help out. We apologize for the trouble, KWLA.

Submit a request – Wyze

What is involved in troubleshooting it and how many hours of labor will it cost me?

Most troubleshooting doesn’t take hours of labor for the customer (that’s usually for persistent connectivity problems or super weird bugs that we can’t reproduce). I’d probably start with asking if you have a microSD card in your Wyze Cam Pan (and to remove it if you do to see if that helps) and if you have alternative power supplies to try but I’m not one of the Wizards and they’re better qualified than I am. If you would like to send in a support ticket, you can give me your ticket number that you should receive in a reply email and I’ll try to fast track it. Though support is closed for the evening so you probably wouldn’t hear back tonight.

Submit a request – Wyze