New Wyze Cam User

I just installed 3 cameras in my house and I have a few questions about using them.

1-Does IFTTT applets supersede alerts and notifications that are setup on the Wyze Cam app?

2-I have had to play around with the motion sensitivity and I am wondering if it’s normal for the camera to send alerts because it senses shadows moving from trees?

  1. I'm not sure what you mean by supersede. They operate somewhat independently, but the IFTTT triggered cloud clips cannot, as far as I know, override the 5 minute minimum cool down time between clips.
  2. Yes, it's normal since the algorithm compares changes between frames and is not looking for particular objects. You can set a rectangular detection zone to try to avoid those tree shadows.

I have detection zones setup, but I noticed that sunlight coming through trees are setting off the motion detections.