New wyze cam pan 3 Help

I have an Iphone 14. I just got this Cam. Going away tomorrow, i have never left my kittys before . I’m wondering how to enable the talk/speak setting? I upgraded to the CAMPLUS membership. Can someone that has done this before please help me with this if they already are using this feature. Do i need to upgrade again ? Not tech savvy AT ALL.
I appreciate it so much . THANK YOU in advanced.

You don’t need to do anything to “enable” it.

To use it, tap the screen momentarily and a mic and speaker icons will appear. Tap those to turn on.


Haha :joy:
Ahh ! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH K6CCC!! Something as simple as that- Made my day . Much appreciated. I’m sure i’ll be posting more silly questions.
Have a great weekend!