New user love the product

I have a few suggestions some of which maybe redundant at this point:

  1. two factor via SMS. Why? Someone tries to auth against you you get a text for a one time pad. This is great, because auth, duo, GA, don’t tell you if someone is trying to access your [expletive removed]. Yahyah SS7 [expletive removed]- if you have the capability to snoop on SS7 you’re a major player. Which means either 1) some government wants to put you in the ground or 2) you’re just talking crap cuz you read about it on arstechica or the intercept. Seriously you are not that important to have state agencies use SS7 against you. Get over yourself. SMS is perfect because it an early warning system. Authy, duo, securid, GA, yuibi, whatever. No early warning provided that someone wants t hack your [expletive removed]. Could it be fake? Sure but you’re not that important. Get over it.
  1. The ability to save and recall via IFTTT or whatever to make the pan turn x degrees and then use the Wyze plug to shut it off. Turn 5e camera around and shut the power down. This goes into the thing of having scenes p presents with pan. The ability to rotate 180 or a defined waypoint would be huge.
  1. need to determine what humans look like. Light sources or light projected on walls makes my pan go schizo in 0-10 seconds. Try to figure out and rule out static light sources and realize a human may remain at their smartphone/tablet/computer whatever the fuck and they might not move. Don’t promote the pixel stuff you guys use over natural human acitivity. I have proved this with hue smart lights, a pan, you’re algorithms prefer what changes most, even if it’s a static position changing or projecting color onto say a wall. I’m not saying go full AI machine learning whatever the flavor the the week is, just take into consideration if something doesn’t move and it generates mad colors or brightness or whatever, it’s probabaly a tv or a smart light. Y’all are wicked smart and created a great product, I just don’t want my pan focusing on my tv. In fact I only run my pan during the day,

When I’m not home- never at night.
4) have the ability to create scenes for recall via ifttt or whatever. For instance when I get home, I want all my cams to rotate 180 degrees and point at the wall and shut down. Having some type of camera pan/tilt setting that can be used via shortcuts, ifttt, etc. something to recall it.

Otherwise I love you’re product and I intend to buy. I love the community and the open aspect of Wyze in general. Congrats on the $20m y’all deserve it!


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