New user feedback and feature requests

New user this week. Overall, I think we are going to like having the vacuum (new pup that sheds more than we hoped!)
Some initial observations and feature requests:

Good - once it is in a room, does a good job of driving straight back and forth lines. Very little randomness, with an occasional 2 foot square area it has to come back toward the end of the overall clean to catch
Good - Quiet mode is quiet. Not disturbing for us.

room splitting - agree with others this needs to be improved. Internal walls should be able to be snapped to in creating rooms, not only external.
undock mode - we have hidden the docking station under a couch that sits 8" off the ground. We are running the vacuum at night while we sleep. Then would like to clean the trap each morning. But to get to the vacuum means we have to run it and wait for it to clean under the couch and then emerge, then cancel the clean and send it back to the dock after emptying it. Would be great if there was simply an “undock” button that ran it straight forward for 3 feet so we could access it, then “redock” and it goes straight back to the dock.
room recognition - on the very first mapping out of the box, it did a great job finding all the rooms, including a small mudroom off the kitchen. That room was auto labeled Room 1, but every time since, it skips that room even though it still shows on the map. I haven’t figured out how to get it to go in that room since
voice/volume - like others, we would love to turn off the voice. We don’t need to hear it is getting ready to charge. The dogs freak out every time. Someone said it was in beta but we don’t feel comfortable yet downloading a beta firmware. It’s also noted in the forums that the beta was going to be released soon (back in June 2021), but to date it doesn’t look like it has been
pause feature - for taking phone calls, etc…would be great…like someone else said a 10, 20, 30 minute pause and autorestart would be awesome.
running 3 inches off walls - some times I watch it and it is not running against a wall, it runs parallel 2-3" off of it. Thus missing the main dust traps against a wall. Why?
whining noise - anyone else have a whining noise when it runs in long straight aways? It does not do it on short straight runs, but like when it picks up speed it whines. Is this normal? (it can be annoying)
multi-floor - I read this is working in beta. When is it coming to release? This was one main reason we bought a robot vacuum, and I should have done more research before we bought this one because we did not realize until receiving it, this was not a feature.