New unhappy customer, new kit

I JUST received my Wyze Starter Kit and it stinks!!! As I’m reading through the posts here in this forum… It seems I’m having the same issue as 99% of the people here with connectivity, the bridge and the sensors/motion camera, etc.! I am livid! I’ve done everything that was required of me, per the YouTube videos and the troubleshooting with the Wyze troubleshooting section… And nothing works! I am highly disappointed! Very unhappy!

I’ve sent in two trouble tickets… I have zero confidence that they will be helpful! I am so upset right now…
This seems to be a common issue with the customers here… What a terrible way to run a business!

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Hello @GymJammer and welcome to the community

What issues are you having maybe some here can also help you, I am running most of their products and have very few issues.

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If you just received the products - SEND IT BACK FOR A REFUND! Don’t expect it to ever work correctly and don’t think that Wyze will stand behind their products. I have a box of dead units that Wyze wil NOT do anything about - Well they do ignore my repeated support emails.

Really? Nothing works? I complain a lot but my cameras do "mostly* work, at least for on demand viewing after a few retries. (Events, SD card, sustained settings, and other features not so much.)

Yep … really

I find that opposite of my experience with a dead Motion Sensor out of the box. One call and it was replaced. No muss, no fuss, the way customer service ought to be.


Unfortunately, that is my experience as well. I’ve been with Wyze from the beginning, and have just about all of their products. I was a Wyze evangelist up until the past few months. My take is that they’ve expanded way too quickly, they have too many products and not enough stock or personnel.

I too had a stater kit and additional four contact sensors all dead out of the box (6 units). There’s no more email support, I finally get through to chat support and explain the situation. Well, I’m told to reset the bridge, etc. I lose my patience and explain that resetting the bridge (again) isn’t going to charge dead batteries, I ask if I should buy new batteries out of frustration and I’m told that might work. When I reply that I shouldn’t have to buy new batteries for my new products, the rep states he didn’t realize the sensors were new (eventhough I explainded that already). After skimming these support forms, it seems to be clear that there was a bad batch(es) of sensors with the same exact issue. Why do I have reset bridges, reseat batteries, reconnect everything when the problem is clear?

Next problem… can’t cancel watch order. 1. Go to order, click here to cancel, “you can’t cancel automatically, go to support”, 2. Go to support bot, (read guide to cancel, yep all should be good) “just click here to cancel next to the order”, return to step. 1.