New to Wyze and Pan Cam

Hello there!

New to Wyze! Just got my Pan Cam in the mail yesterday. First, I really struggled with the camera to find the QR code. Secondly I have been able to get the camera to work twice. It keeps reporting “Error-90.” I have power cycled, restarted the router, restarted the app, etc.

I have an iPhone 7 and a 2nd gen iPad mini I am using.

Just trying to watch my dog and I’m trying to figure out if I just wasted $37 dollars.

Any ideas?

There are several possible causes of such a problem.

Here are the troubleshooting guides:

If that doesn’t solve it, keep in mind that this is primarily a user-to-user forum. If you don’t get help here from the community, file a support request including log files. That will ensure that the logs are captured. You might want to submit the ticket right away because there’s somewhat of a backlog. You can always let them know it’s already resolved when they contact you.