New Theromostat had install pains and finally died middle of the night after 7 hours or runtime. Click of Death!

So with glee and joy I opened my new Thermostat up. I did the install which included use of a the c-adapter. The photos and diagrams in app didn’t cover what I had. I resolved that and plugged the unit up. Nothing nada. So I pulled it off the mount and reinstalled then the Wyze logo appeared. Next I went to set it up. It would not attached to my LG phone. I reset Wyze app and my bluetooth on phone and my Thermostat and did a complete reconfigure. Still nothing even though I have setup all my Cameras with this phone. So I grabbed my wifes Pixel and tried that. It actually found the T-stat and set it up. Once setup it said I had extra wires configured. I checked nope only 4 R,W,Y,G with Green now the common. I said skip it and moved on. Ran my tests they both worked but it would only show one working even though I checked unit and verified heat and cool cycles on my unit and temps at register. So moving on configured the app and got it setup with preferred temps.

First complaint 5 degree swing between heat and air is to much. My unit I replaced had a 2 or 3 degree swing. Just build into your code to let unit rest 5 minutes before changing between heat and air. Second complaint need a way to disable or greatly dim the screen during sleeping hours. It shines right in 2 bedrooms at night when people walk by it. Still those are minor complaints that software can resolve.

Third Complaint and this is a big one. After I was in bed about 45 minutes it started what will be called the CLICK OF DEATH. Black screen, and relays clicking nonstop. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. I reset power to unit. Nothing on Screen CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. So I checked my 24v it was good. So at 11pm back into my cold attic to remove the c-adapter and get my old stat running again.