New Thermostat Install -- Can't move past firmware update to get to manual mode

Been using Wyze cameras, floods for a while now… first time trying to use their thermostat. Seems to wire in just fine and gets through the connection okay as far as I can tell - I was able to complete the “test” okay. I get the Wyze “splash” on the thermostat display but it won’t move past that point. The app immediately states that I must install a firmware update. When I do it just hangs forever (I only have one wireless access point by the way). I can do a firmware reset and remove the thermostat from the App… but when I try to re-install from scratch I get back to the same point… the app insists I must upgrade (from 1.1.18? I think)… and the manual control of the thermostat is unresponsive with just the Wyze logo. Had to go back to my original thermostat for now because we’re in the middle of a heat wave.

Any way to force the app to ignore the firmware update for now? Or to get the manual mode to be operable so that I can at least have some cooling while I figure out firmware update issues?

Probably too late to help you, but powering my router off and on somehow allowed the thermostat to complete the firmware upgrade.

It is infuriating that the thermostat will not function until the firmware upgrade completes.

Thanks for the response anyway. I was able to finally get past that problem with much tinkering with SSIDs, resetting the thermostat, router, etc. Not sure what finally cleared it up. I’ve been running for several days now. Unfortunately, I now have to change the 2.4 Ghz SSID on the router because I used an “_” character in the name – which is okay with the thermostat but is NOT okay with my old Epson printer. Since Wyze won’t allow me to change the connected SSID without a full factory reset I’m off to the races again today.

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Hopefully this thread will make it a bit less painful…

I changed wifi networks. How do I update my devices? - Home - Wyze Forum (


Yea, don’t delete it from the app, just hit the setup button

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