New Selection In Adding Devices etc

Android Issue.

I went to the App and decided to add a rule. I clicked the Plus sign and noticed there was an Add Home option now. Have not seen that option before. I clicked the option and it indicated that it is used for Sunrise / Sunset, Location Services, and Home Monitoring. I decided to try it and selected the option, tried to enter my address but it didn’t search for the location. In order to get it to take my address, I used my iPhone, which actually did search as I typed and displayed my address. For some reason, Android did not do the auto search as expected.

Also - Sunset and Sunrise settings do not appear in the Rules area, so what is this used for? Is wyze getting ready to release some updates soon?

I believe this was in the changelog on the latest beta release.

When I added a “home” it automatically detected my location/address correctly.

This must be for the new HMS launch, I suspect the sunrise/sunset option will be part of that.

That makes sense. Mine picked up the correct zip but not the street address. It would not let me change that from the GUI on Android. It did from the iPhone.

Must have missed that in the log. :slight_smile:

I have not ordered the HMS yet, I mainly want the V2 sense items, don’t need the monitoring options.

This is for the HMS. Also a beta thing.

thanks – Ordered the HMS today.

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