New Router, Reconnecting 16 Bulbs is a Pain!

Please tell me there’s an easier way to reconnect Wyze bulbs to my network after router failure. It took me about two hours yesterday to do the whole light switch flip, add bulb, select network, connect to bulb, wait 30 seconds, name bulb, repeat. I like how easy it was to reconnect my Wyze lock. I just went to settings, hit “update wifi settings”, entered in new ssd and password and boom it just connected. Why can’t we have something like this for the bulbs?

Not 100% sure never had to do it but if you change your ssd and password to mirror your old router they should reconnect automatically.

That is correct. I bought 2 new routers and changed one as a AP. I also renamed the routers to the previous routers name and password…BAM​:firecracker: it was that simple.:+1: