New router butproblems

New Wyze Mesh Router. Got plugs to work, but can’t get cameras or bulbs to work.2024-06-21T04:00:00Z

Welcome @jsphpfeiffer . I see you recently joined.

Please provide some details. OS version, cam types, etc.
Sorry, I now see ios, v1,v2.

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We could still use a lot more info. What are you seeing? What iOS version, on what devices? Do you really have V1 and V2 indoor cameras?

Just changing out the router shouldn’t be an issue unless of course you renamed the network name and password. In that case you will need to reset your Wyze devices as well. But you say you got your Plugs to work, so assuming this is not the case.

So you should be working, tell us what you are seeing. :slight_smile: