New Person Detection Feedback

hmmm and what was the compression setting on for the V2?

also what firmware is it using? if your pan cam is fine, it sound like the cameras itself. so possibly a setting.

Artifacts both in mode SD and HD. Firmware version As far as I understand, this is true in all V 2 cameras?

I would take your camera and put it in another spot and see if the artifacts are still as strong. like I said I haven’t noticed it in mine.

also look at what mediums the footage is pulled from. are you viewing it on the app mainly ( i think someone mentioned once that it is more compressed there)

is the footage from the cloud clips or the sd card. I believe the sd card might have better clarity having slightly less compression. and with that, if it is from the card, fully downloaded to your device using the app or was the card pulled and it copied directly to a computer?

and of course, what sd card was it originally written to. there are huge differences in cards.

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I noticed that there are artifacts on every street video:

  • as if the image is constantly shifting by a few pixels …

Sorry, I can’t get a link to this video from the Discover section.

Here’s another example sosuch a video with artifacts: Screenshot_20200224-194218


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check out the captured on wyze section of the forum. im seeing quite a few videos without artifacts, but I noticed most of them are very well lit. I wonder if that has something to do with it. or again, possibly how the video is being uploaded

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these “twitch” are clearly visible in your video: Tree falls during high winds

@minionsweb, It just showed up the other day on my app. It’s working very well. A few false detections but better than before.

I’ve noticed that person detection does not appear to work if the camera is mounted upside down, or is pointed at a downward angle.

I have 2 cameras mounted upside down, and one on a high shelf pointed down into a room, and none of the 3 are detecting people when they show up on camera. I have another camera pointed out at an angle parallel to the ground, and it does detect people (along with some false alerts for shadows, etc).

I have zero person detection on all cams - Even did a few jumping jacks in front of cam - detected nothing, no notification, I do have “All Other Motion” switched off.

Person detection isn’t working at all on the one camera I have mounted outdoors, which is pointed at a slight downward angle. I can go outside and dance in front of the camera (definitely not something you want to see!) and all I get is a motion event. In my garage, however, I’m getting numerous detections that are nothing but sunlight and shadow.

It’s early days, of course, but at this stage for me at least this is a massive step backward from the detection.

Person detection is not detecting people in any of my cameras. Counts them as regular motion. CMC is not enabled.

So far I’m getting about half or a third of actual person events detected inside, and none on my camera outside. No false positives yet.

For person detection. I’m seeing the option to turn on person detection with Wyze AI

I have turned off CMC, and I’ve turned on the person detection through WYZE AI. No events labeled “person” in the past few days since this change.

Adding my experience. I have a handful of cameras and while person detection was on as the old person detection setting took effect with the new service NO person events. I eventually had a single random one I think was a partial moving car.

I finally found this thread and turned off motion tagging, set notifications to only person and have now received quite a lot of notifications of the person recording.

2 cams have CMC enabled I don’t want to disable for obvious reasons. I did however the same treatment as above, but no person detection.
Is there an ETA for both services to work together?

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All, a new model is deployed! Thanks for all your feedback. Please let me know if the false alarms get better or not.

Btw, if you found the switch is turned on but person detection doesn’t work, please try to turn the switch off and turn on again.


I have noticed a significant improvement to the false positives! School Buses are officially no longer people! Great work!


So far there has been a noticeable improvement in the new model. With the iOS beta released yesterday I regained the ability to submit videos as well!

Agree about the improvement. Only on e false out of at least a dozen this morning.
Thanks for the return of the submit button. Great work!

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I have been impressed with the Person Detection in the latest Android app and associated .105 firmware. Monumental improvements from a month ago when none of my six (6) Cam Pans would not even detect motion (let alone persons).

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